• Melissa Moss

Working ‘with’ your anxiety naturally.

Seasonally, winter and spring are a time of creation. Psychologically the introspection of winter and the celebration of spring can inspire total progression. However if you suffer from anxiety, winter can feel more like a time of oppression, and the appreciation for spring maybe missed all together, unless of course you can learn how to work ‘with’ your anxiety naturally; in a way that you can sustain real change!

Severe anxiety is all consuming. It can feel like being thrown in the deep end of the ocean with no land in sight. It is present the moment you wake; exhausting you before the day has even began, all the while damaging your self-esteem due to having all of your energy used to cope, rather than achieving all that you know you can (or once believed you could). 

However anxiety doesn’t need to be like this. Speaking from experience as a counselor and someone who spent 20 + years trying everything imaginable to ‘treat’ it, the only thing that allowed me to overcome my anxiety was facing it, head on… with talking therapies. 

By talking therapies I mean therapy that supported ‘me’ talking, with a therapist that used ‘person-centered’ communication tools to help me achieve complete self-awareness and personal growth.

Finding this kind of support took time. I tried everything, and what I discovered is that I didn’t need to be led, or directed, and I certainly didn’t need any fancy tricks of methods, all that did was reaffirm the very thing that was causing me pain; the belief that I alone wasn’t good enough...and it implicitly sent me the message that anxiety is a separate entity trying to harm me. 

With the help of PC and psycho-education about the nervous system that I taught myself from training and research, I began to realise that my anxiety was there for a reason, it was trying to show me that I was carrying fear, and the fear was legitimate, there was a reason for it, a reason that needed to be processed. The anxiety was only exhausting because I was spending years trying to run from it or suppress it, because I was scared. But once I realised there was fear and pain underneath it, and engaged with cause, I was then able to appreciate the anxiety and use the energy that came with it, in order to make sure I respected that my anxiety was telling me that something needed my attention.

So from being someone who forever acted from a place of complete insecurity, to then realizing, there was a good reason for this, I enabled myself to trust that my feelings were congruent with my needs. My mind and body were trying to heal. My anxiety wasn’t going to leave until I faced what it was that made me feel so deeply insecure. 

I mean if you think about it, If our immune system works to sustain homeostasis; to restore health whenever it experiences imbalance, why wouldn’t our minds work the same? I believe anxiety is like a fever, its all part of the restoration process.

Therefore essentially, what built the foundation of my recovery was the realization that my anxiety was working ‘for me’, just like a fever works to eliminate a virus, this sustained a confidence which allowed me to trust my mind and honor my thoughts.

So at this progressive time of year why not try something new, trust your anxiety has something to offer you and try working with it naturally.



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